End of Tenancy Cleaning London

end of tenancy cleaning LondonBeing a moving tenant can be demanding, especially when it is time for you to vacate the rented property you have been occupying. There are million things you have to consider when vacating. With the packing and arranging the moving of your belongings, there is a part of the tenancy agreement most renters seem to forget and that is the condition in which you are leaving the property. The level of cleanliness and tidiness you leave the place at determines whether on not you will get your security deposit back from your landlord. Hiring a professional cleaning company is your wisest option if you wish to receive your security deposit. There are tons of cleaning companies you can choose from, but not all of them can offer you quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning on affordable rates.

We, however, specialise in professional End Of Tenancy cleaning services and we have been performing such for over a decade! We boost with professional and experienced cleaners, best rates within London and flexible cleaning schedules! We are proud providers of top-class End Of Tenancy cleaning services along with a wide range of other cleaning sessions you can combine with our final vacating cleaning. You will be sure to leave spotless rooms after your tenancy, that will undoubtedly get your security deposit back from your landlord. Throughout the years of experience in End Of Tenancy cleaning sessions, we have developed a thorough checklist that our cleaners strictly follow to ensure the property is left in tip-top condition.

Checklist of what we perform throughout the property and bedrooms:

end of tenancy cleaning

You can count on our professional cleaners to scrub, dust through and polish every inch of your property. We will remove any cobwebs visible on your walls, ceiling, mirrors and picture frames. Light switches, mirrors and windows will reflect with cleanliness. Our professional cleaners will wipe skirting board, all doors, furniture and storage units.

Rooms, Lounge and Hallway main checklist points:

  • Windows: Cleaners will throughly clean the inside of your windows and window frames.
  • Doors: We will clean door frames, door knobs and wipe doors from all stains and fingerprints.
  • Drawers and shelves: Each and everyone will be cleaned and wiped both inside and out.
  • Furniture: We will remove any finger prints, stains and will extract the accumulated dirt. You can expect spotless tables, soft furniture hoovered, and clean chairs.
  • Carpets: First, your carpets will undergo a thorough hoovering to remove the dirt and grime, then if you require, we can provide professional steam extraction of your carpets for additional charge.
  • Hard floors: They will be thoroughly hoovered and mopped with suitable chemical solution.

We have a thorough kitchen checklist, too. The main points include:

  • Cupboards and Drawers: Throughly cleaned inside and out, leaving no fingerprints or dirt.
  • Sinks and sink taps: Descaled and polished.
  • Kitchen tiles: Descaled and polished.
  • All appliances: Wipe cleaned from and all dirt and oil.
  • Dishwasher/ Washing Machine/ Fridge: They will receive a royal treatment and will be cleaned and degreased inside and out.
  • end of tenancy cleaning bathroom
  • Oven: Deep cleaned inside and out! * Note that most companies do not include this service in their basic End Of Tenancy Package, we, however, do it for no extra charge.
  • Extractor fan: Degreased and cleaned.
  • Rubbish Bins: Wiped inside and out and rubbish removed.

Bathroom main checkpoints:

  • Shower screen and tiles: Will be polished to shine and descaled.
  • Bath: Polished and descaled
  • Toilet: Washed, disinfected, polished and descaled.
  • Bidet and Shower cabin: Wiped, descaled and polished.
  • Mirrors and Glass surfaces: Cleaned and polished.
  • Pipe work, skirting: Dusted
  • Floors: Thoroughly hoovered and mop with suitable chemical solution.

These are the main points of our cleaning checklists, however, if you require something we have not mentioned, you can always contact us in advance and we will make sure your End Of Tenancy cleaning is tailored to your cleaning requirements.

Our End Of Tenancy service covers all London areas.