Affordable Upholstery Cleaning London

Upholstery Cleaning LondonAre you looking for an affordable service to bring your worn off upholstery back to life? Our professional upholstery cleaning services provide refreshing renewal for your home, with long lasting deep and thorough fabric cleaning. We use the latest products and tools to ensure no stains, spots or odours are left within the fabric of your upholstered furniture. Moreover, our powerful steam-operated machines will kill 99% of the bacteria stuck between the fibres of your sofas and armchairs. Thanks to our 15 years experience within the industry, we can offer you professional cleaners, spotless results and top quality service on affordable rates.

Our highly skilled cleaning operators will pre-stain treat your upholstery, vacuum all over and underneath and steam extract all dirt, grime and accumulated stains and spots. Our cleaning methods are safe for all types of fabrics even the luxurious and delicate ones. Furthermore, as we use steam extracting method, there is no harm for you, your children and pets. Our cleaning method is causing no allergic reactions, too. Our upholstery cleaning is tough on the stains but gentle on the fabric. You can be sure your upholstered furniture will be spot-free, odour-free and disinfected with prolonged life and fresher look. We are proud to say that our cleaning techniques have been proven time and time again to guarantee best possible results.

We offer a variety of extras in our basic Upholstery Cleaning package such as pre-spraying and spot pre-treatment to ensure your upholstery is spotlessly clean and sanitized.

Learn more about the process:

Upholstery CleaningOur first step towards making your upholstery as good as new is thoroughly inspecting the fabric of the furniture and its fibres. We look for any problem areas and touch stains that may be difficult to remove. What we do after is comport with you to ensure you are aware of the type of cleaning and spot removal your upholstered furniture needs. We treat stains and spots accordingly, so they come out easily with the rest of the process.

Next, we use steam water rinse to pull out all of the accumulated oils, dirt, allergens, dust mites, bacteria and spot-treatment solutions. Our dirt extraction process does not over damp the fabric of your furniture, so you can be positive the drying process will be quick, and no damp odour would be present. It usually takes about an hour for the furniture to completely dry out.

Once we have cleaned your furniture, we can apply protection spray on your request. This spray will protect the fibres of your upholstery and make any future stains and spots to be easily removable with cloth and water.

There is no better deal out there! Get a spotless and refreshed upholstery today by calling us!